MonteRoma Brut  (white sparkling Malvasia)

MonteRoma Brut (white sparkling Malvasia)

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Description. Organic sparkling wine obtained from our grapes Malvasia Casalini and Malvasia di Candia Aromatica. The fermentation is done by indigenous yeasts, while the refermentation takes place in “autoclave”; Here the wine is aged up to 14 months. This period gives finesse and softness to the wine.

Color. Intense straw yellow with golden reflections and fine perlage.


Tasting Notes. A complex wine with notes of white flowers flanked by a persistent green apple with traces of chamomile, honey and thyme. In the mouth ripe yellow fruit, very fresh, good acidity, fine and elegant, slightly sweet.

Service. We recommend cooling at least half an hour before tasting.

Pairing. In combination you can appreciate cured meats such as ham, culaccia or culatello. Also ideal for appetizers with pizzas and focaccia.

Grape harvest: 2019



Vol %: 12,0